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Remember the handbooks used to have a chart listing all the current feuds and allies?  We’ve got you covered for 2128!  Hot off the presses in handy, printable, PDF form.

All characters ©Filsinger Games.  This sheet © – Feel free to share this as long as proper credit to is given.


2128 has arrived and here is your downloadable and printable roster sheet that features group names/tag team names and distractor ratings for those without them on their cards.  Please let us know if there are any omissions or corrections needed.  UPDATED 7/10

The 2128 Allies & Feuds chart will be coming later this week.

All characters ©Filsinger Games.  This sheet © – Feel free to share this as long as proper credit to is given.

The Three…

Up on is the artwork for THE THREE.  Also up are pre-orders for all the FG stuff coming in July.

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2128 Teaser Art!

While the LOW world is a buzz with the news of the NWA Hollywood game edition, the big news on the Champions of the Galaxy side of things is the first bits of teaser art for 2128!  Check out ENSOR and THRAXX below and head on over to for all the latest info on 2128!

New Promoter is here!

The latest issue(s) of the Promoter Online are here.  If you’re a subscriber you can login at to see it.  If you’re NOT a Promoter Subscriber, you can subscribe HERE.


The big news this issue is the Euritar Commissioner Card.  This bootleg features great art by Werner Meuck and stats for Punishments and Title Shots.  The thinking here is that he’s a no nonsense Commissioner and the ‘Black Death Era’ is too intense for fines and suspensions.  So he uses matches that tip the scales against the wrestler to punish them.  If they lose, they are exiled.  Yes, being exiled is pretty much the same thing as being suspended, but…if you say ‘exile’ it’s tougher.  Grrr…huh?

The other head scratcher is that one of the ‘punishments’ is a match against Paganax in a Centra Coffin Match.  Okay, but wouldn’t a Lava Pit match fit Paganax more?  The card wasn’t put together by Tom making a bootleg and you have to expect these sort of mistakes on bootlegs.  At any rate, it is a decent bootleg and should be fun to implement.

As a side note, the Promoter Exclusive PDFs are getting better but they still need to streamline it more to make them easier to print.  They took a big step with the ‘instructions’ in the PDF but if you print page one and then page two on the back of the same piece of paper or cardstock, the images just don’t line up.

The PDF for the Legends side of things this go around is a ‘wrestler card’ for Jimmy Hart.  In Legends 11, Jimmy Hart was didn’t wrestling stats on the back of his card in favor of a “Megaphone Interference Chart.’  Heenan, Cornette, Albano, Humperdink all have wrestling stats, but Hart, who still gets into the ring to this day, doesn’t?  Huh?  Anyway, this PDF download sort of makes up for that.  Fans still deserve a true Jimmy Hart wrestling card though.  Stats were done by the ‘Legends’ team so this makes it’s pretty legit and above bootleg status.

The PDF on the LOW side is a pain to print right though.  Some tweaking in Photoshop will make it workable.